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Sri Lanka Holidays would not reveal everything it has to offer within a fortnight of Sri Lanka Travel. Then again, within a fortnight, some of the must visit cultural destinations, wildlife attractions, nature and adventure locations, pristine beaches of Sri Lanka could be visited and enjoyed to no ends. Sri Lanka, though an island even smaller than Ireland, has such a gamut of attractions including no less than eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the tourists who once visited yearn to visit once again.

The tropical island of Sri Lanka (Sanskrit:Resplendent Land), a derivation of the prehistoric and most ancient historic name 'Lanka' appeared in Hindu epic Mahabharata and Ramayana, with a shape of a pear, or as the ancient Indian poets and scholars loved to narrate as the in shape of a pearl pendent in the necklace of Indian subcontinent is replete with fine swathes of pristine beaches in the south western coastal belt, southern coastal belt and eastern coastal belt; punctured with wildlife sanctuaries, tropical rain forests and strict nature reserves.

The ancient island of Sri Lanka is littered with ancient cultural ruins together with well preserved historical ruins; studded with renovated ancient historical and cultural monuments, renovated ancient irrigation systems consisting of massive man-made rainwater reservoirs some of which are like inland seas;

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